The Semi-Daily Mirror Untitled



I saw Jlo today glittering all over her baby-boy boyfriend who btw is not nearly as good looking as one would suspect. And one must ask - why?  Anyway jenasp meshed together at this little dive of a club, that is desirable simply because it’s such a dive,

[the club I mean].  Downstairs where lovers converge the furniture is mismatched

the floor dusty, and the tables are shaky as a NYC frank stand. However the thrift

store love seats and sofas are wonderfully suited to talking hopefully dirty and making out with people you just met or known for a while and need a place to semi-tryst.

We like to call this little whole-in-the-wall haven Siberia. The basement is quite chilly. The male wait staff quite sullen.

But not to worry the uber drinks will warm you up, the music is a smart house mix

of rock, r&b, and plaintive soloists yearning for some love. The best part is you don’t have to dress up. Ladies usually wear leggins and long cozy sweaters with

Uggs and for men tight jeans and leather jackets. Jlo wore her cozy sweater off shoulder and caspie wore a tee shirt with a scarf and wool hat. Of course no one

dared to look uncool [‘cept me and mine] and pay them any attention. In fact the

hot duo became a battery for most of the other lovers that night sipping on

black russians and each other’s lips. Somewhere between Coldplay and Rihanna,

the duo began laughing like high schoolers and decided to change to another

lower love seat in an cheap chic print, they watched the huge TV screen, which

was playing that old movie with William Hurt wearing a furry hat. If you are

still in attendance at around 3:00 you can order anything made with eggs and

some illegally strong coffee. My honey and I opted for fries topped with scrambled

eggs. She is a really loopy kisser so I was pretty scrambled myself. Our loveseat

fit our bums like a glove and we settled back to eat with our legs entwined marveling at the young William Hurt.  Around 5:00 after inhaling the fries and

each other we decided to head further downtown to my apartment. We thought

to say goodnight to jenasp, but they rudely left without a word to us so we

left in a huff. 

trash tuesday.

So restless on this rainy Tuesday.   Feel like trashing something. Tearing some pages

out of a book and throwing them out the window. Make a poem about it. Or maybe

I’ll just light a candle for all the lost words.  ‘The Poison Tree’, was so boring so

she’ll have to make the dive first. Afterall the entire non-movement takes place

in foggy, rainy England.

Or perhaps I’ll pick up the phone the when next my favorite stalker makes her

9:00 call to my beleagured cell. Never did take the time to name my cell, okay

so she’ll be baptized Liza, only because she’s a cute survivor with great lungs.

Hey, how to I set up a background?  Oh boy. Help.